About Me … and My Dogs

I worked as a Debt Adviser for 36 years, mainly in the charitable sector.  In October 2018 I decided to combine two of my greatest loves, dogs and walking, and set up Peak Wags and Woofs.  I have owned dogs, all from rescue centres, for about 40 years.  My two current dogs, Basil a Manchester Terrier/Jack Russell cross, and Echo, a Poodle/Collie cross, are my two constant companions.  Both are 12 years old and are the love of my life (apart from my partner – she’s sitting next to me!).

Our dogs go on all our holidays. Basil with me and the much missed Mr Kasta.

For many years I have been a supporter of the Dogs Trust and the PDSA, as well as a number of other animal related charities.  Apart from dogs, I also love cats but don’t currently have any as Basil isn’t too keen.  I have six free-range chickens, three of which are rescued from the commercial sector, and plenty of experience dealing with other animals.